Dutchman Beaten Unconscious At Chiang Mai Karaoke Bar

Published on 27th December 2014 by Stickboy BKK

Dutchman The Latest Victim Of The Chiang Mai Karaoke Scam

A 38 year old Dutchman was knocked unconscious following a dispute over a 30,000 baht bill in a Chiang Mai karaoke bar on Christmas Day.

“Rob” visited the unnamed karaoke bar with a few friends for a Christmas night out but when it came time to check bin things turned sour when he disputed the 30k bill for “some food and a few beers”. The bill was negotiated down to 10,000 baht but he still refused to accept this knowing he was being scammed.

He asked for the police to be called to settle the matter but staff and security had other ideas and the Dutchman says he was kicked and punched by around ten people leaving him unconscious on the street.

Police eventually arrived and took him to the station to file a complaint and say they are investigating the alleged assault.

The Dutchman is just the latest in a long list of foreigners who end up on the wrong side of a mob beating over inflated bills at karaoke bars in Chiang Mai. It’s like the Patpong ping pong show scam on a bigger scale as the bills tend to be 30k plus.

Rip off karaoke bars typically pad bills with extra hourly fees for girls who didn’t join the guests at a cost of around 250b per hour. Then comes additional lady drinks at 200 baht a pop for those in the group and those not that the guest has not agreed to. Throw in charges for mixers, ice, food, gifts and the customer ends up with a final bill that is easily double or treble what it should be.

Many will settle the bill to avoid a confrontation or police involvement when the karaoke girls step aside and let the male “security” do the negotiating which is intimidation and threats.

Just like the Patpong scam, the karaoke con continues despite numerous police reports and media coverage.

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