Egg On Cops’ Faces After Threatening Fry-Day Videographer

Published on 20th April 2019 by Stickboy BKK

As if Thai law-enforcement didn’t have more important things to worry about, cops are threatening to prosecute the creator of a fake video showing an egg cooking on the ground in Lampang.

The Technology Crime Suppression Division claims the video might violate the heinous Computer Crime Act’s section prohibiting “forged computer data, false computer data, and any computer data”.

Egregiously missing the point, the men in tight suits failed to see the humour in the clip showing a frying pan left out in the sun for 15 minutes before the chef cracks an egg into it. The egg then fries in this week’s record heat.

But the videographer admitted his movie was a just humorous exaggeration. He had put the pan on the stove before going outside. He is astounded that authorities besieged with drug and gun crimes, drunk drivers, political turmoil and randy Russians didn’t get the yolk.

With a straight face, however, Pol. Col. Siriwat Deepoh of the TCSD warned others about making humorous videos, saying Thailand’s murderous heat is part of the charm of the Land of Smiles and to imply otherwise would impugn the national honour.

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