Elderly Dutchman Falls To His Death From Hua Hin Hotel

Dutchman Falls To His Death From Hua Hin Hotel

A 68-year-old Dutchman was found in an alley beside a Hua Hin hotel after falling five floors to his death on Thursday afternoon, according to police.

The body of the deceased was found by a member of staff around 4.30pm after she heard a loud thud. Emergency services were alerted and an investigation into the cause of death launched by local police.

There are conflicting reports from Thai and English language news outlets with several citing it was ruled as suicide while others claim police have yet to determine if it was an accident, murder or suicide.

dead dutchman

The housekeeper told reporters the elderly tourist was a regular at the hotel visiting each year. He’d been in Hua Hin for the past month and often relaxed on the fifth floor rooftop.

It was reported there was nothing unusual about the area where the deceased had fallen from and CCTV captured the plunge.

The body was sent for an autopsy and the relevant authorities in Bangkok notified.

Photo Credit: Banmuang