Farrang Gone Wild Arrested And Fined For Soi 6 Sexploits

Farrang Gone Wild Fined For His Soi 6 Sexploits

Pattaya’s finest didn’t need any help from Sherlock Holmes in rounding up the farrang gone wild who tarnished the image and reputation of Sin City after he was caught on camera burying his head between the legs of a Soi 6 strumpet during this weeks Songkran celebrations.

American businessman Benjamin “Ben” Bartanyi, 49, was soon named and shamed as the foreigner in The Most Outrageous Songkran Video Ever when the brazen bargirl owned up to police that she was the female star of the most watched clip in Thailand this weekend.

On the advice of an older workmate, the 20-year-old bargirl, identified only as “Miss B”, pleaded innocence laying all the blame at the door of the filthy farrang, telling police she was extremely drunk and unaware of what was going on when Mr Bartanyi parted her pins and went dining at a Soi 6 bar on Friday afternoon in front of hundreds of people celebrating the New Year.

Farrang Gone Wild Fined For His Soi 6 Sexploits

Locals knew who he was and where he was staying and cops were soon chapping at his door at a nearby hotel on Sunday evening where they took Mr Bartanyi down the station to join Miss B so the pair could explain their antics.

After being fingered by half the street, the American not the bargirl, he had no choice but to put his hands up and admit to his drunken sexploits.

Apologies made, innocence declared and the outcome of it all was charges were filed against Bartanyi for indecent exposure in public whilst “Miss B” was cleared of any wrongdoing.

It wasn’t reported how much he was “fined” but i believe the maximum amount for indecent exposure in public is 500 baht and no doubt there would be some compensation for “the victim” too.

Photo Credit: Thailand Police Story

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