Father Murders Baby Daughter, Kills Himself On Facebook Live

Published on 25th April 2017 by Stickboy BKK

Father Murders Baby Daughter

In what has to be some of the most sickening video footage I’ve ever seen on social media, a 21-year-old man tied a rope around his baby daughters neck and dropped her off the side of a building TWICE after being told by his wife she wanted to leave him.

He then climbs over the edge of the abandoned building with a noose around his own neck only to change his mind about taking his own life and drags himself back up.

He then pulls his little girl dressed in pink back up too and lays her on his lap. She is clearly not dead. He ends the live broadcast with the little girl crying.

Moments later the man went live on Facebook again, with the little girl laid flat on her belly crying, facing away from the camera. Her father gives her a drink before lifting her up and dropping her over the edge again.

He then climbs over and takes his own life.

Father Murders Baby Daughter

According to Thai news reports, when police arrived at the scene in an abandoned hotel in Thalang district, Phuket on Monday evening, they found the little girl and her father hanging from a beam inside the building.

They had been alerted by the mans wife after friends of the family had watched his live stream.

The woman told police they’d been having marital issues and she had told her husband she was leaving him.

Both videos are still available on Facebook as they are not deemed to break their community guidelines.

UPDATE Tuesday 25th 17.45 Facebook have now removed both videos after a request from the Thai government.

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