Fight Erupts In Hospital Ward [Video]

Fight Erupts In Hospital Ward

CCTV captured the moment a fight broke out in a hospital ward where a rookie soldier was being treated.

The private claimed he intervened to and stop the fight but was beaten instead.

The group then followed him to the hospital and accused him of hurting their pal before they attacked him in the emergency room.

The police arrested Siwakorn Thepjumpa, 21, the following morning and called in the private to identify the culprit.

Suriwat came to the station and recognised him as a former school friend. They talked it over and the private decided to drop the charges.

Police Major General Palat Wisetsin said: “Those rogues came into the hospital and caused trouble to the officers who were trying to help people and stop the fight.

“We need to charge them to show the other that our law enforcement is strict and to prevent these incidents to happen again.”

Police Major General Palat said the group that broke into the hospital will be charged with trespassing on a government facility and using physical violent to prevent officers from performing their duty.