Five Nataree Massage Employees Jailed, Owner Still At Large

Five Nataree Massage Employees Jailed

One Wednesday, the Bangkok Criminal Court handed out stiff sentences to five people arrested last June following the raid on Nataree Massage where migrant and underage workers were found selling sexual services on the premises.

All five standing trial were found guilty of human trafficking, having minors perform obscene acts and prostitution, housing illegally working migrants, illegally operating a massage parlour and illegally employing young workers.

A total of eight girls under 18 were found during the bust last June at the popular parlour located on Ratchadaphisek Road.

The manager was sentenced to 13 years on six charges, the managing director of PSS Entertainment Co, which ran the massage parlour, was jailed for 12 years and 6 months. Both were also fined 15,000 baht.

Three others were each handed 8 and a half year terms for procuring the girls. All pleaded guilty and had their sentenced halved for confessing and co-operating with authorities.

Eight other suspects, including the owner Prasert Sukkhee, remain at large.

Five Nataree Massage Employees Jailed

There was no mention of any charges or progress from the investigation into the two dozen or so names of police officers from numerous divisions whose names were found in tea money logs that were discovered during the raid.

That case is being handled by the Bureau of Legal Affairs.

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