Foreign Gang Nabbed For String Of House Robberies

Foreign Gang Nabbed For String Of House Robberies

A gang of foreigners were busted on Friday following a string of house robberies in provinces surrounding Bangkok.

The five men, from Turkey and Pakistan, admitted to breaking into homes in Pathum Thani, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan stealing safes and valuables.

Following an investigation by the Immigration Bureau, four of the gang were arrested at a motel in the Sai Mai district of the capital where they had taken the safes they’d stolen using a rented car.

Foreign Gang Nabbed For String Of House Robberies

159 items were seized by police including jewellery, cash, credit cards and mobile phones.

They told investigators two of the men would smash a window and break in while two accomplices acted as lookouts with the fifth man acting as the getaway driver.

One of the gang had fled before police arrived with investigators saying a warrant had been issued for his arrest.

It also came to light several members of the gang had been arrested in 2012 and served time in Bang Kwang Central Prison until their release in early 2016 when they were deported. Thai media didn’t mention what they had been sent down for only they’d been blacklisted and re-entered the country illegally.

All four were remanded pending further legal proceedings and it looks like another stint in the monkey house is on the cards.

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