Foreigner Claims Thai Airways Could Care Less If You’re Attacked On Its Planes

Published on 29th March 2019 by Stickboy BKK

Foreigner Claims Thai Airways Could Care Less

An Australian man attacked by a crazy woman on a flight to Bangkok says no one at Thai Airways cares he got dragged into a Mile-High Fight Club.

Phil Kent was flying from his native Melbourne with his wife when he was awoken from a snooze by someone hitting his arm. He pulled down the blanket covering his face only to see a fist coming at him in the dark.

Kent dodged, and the attacker – who turned out to be a woman – grazed his cheek. She plodded off back to her seat without a word.
The Aussie has spent the weeks since the Jan. 10 incident trying to get Thai International Airways to do more than send him automated canned emails.

“If I had struck the cabin crew, I’d have been given a total hiding and sent to the back of the plane and escorted off by the Australian Federal Police,” Kent told local media. “If a passenger strikes me, there’s absolutely nothing done about it.”

“THAI has shown a total disregard for my safety, has done absolutely nothing to follow through, and at the very least … I would expect Thai Airways or any other reputable company to at least send a letter saying they were sorry to learn of the incident. But Thai Airways can’t even say sorry. They don’t have any empathy for what’s happened.”

Kent, who was travelling wife, never confronted the mad woman on board the plane but did go to the cabin crew to lodge a complaint. The purser promised to talk to the woman then did nothing. On arrival, Kent spoke to the purser again, who said he’d contact the AFP. He lied.

The police nor airport officials never received any report from the plane and said the purser was not qualified to file a police report, only the captain.

In a stroke of luck, Kent saw his attacker leaving the airport and confronted her, asking what she was thinking.

“Well, out came the four-letter words,” Kent called, saying the 30something well-to-do woman dropping F-bombs and claiming that he’d tried to grope her.

Even the passenger in the seat behind Kent confirmed he was snoring with a blanket over his head to keep out TV screen and reading lights.

Kent is, by his own admission, a “big bloke” and said his arm probably protruded over the edge of his aisle seat. The uppity auntie likely bumped into him and thought Aussie Boy was grabbing her bum.

But Kent said he’s less concerned about her #MeToo response than THAI’s no-fucks-given attitude.

After nearly three months, Thai Airways officials finally acknowledged the issue, telling the press they don’t comment on in-flight incidents and telling Kent privately they are “looking into it”.

He’s not holding his breath.

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