Frenchman, Thai Lover Jailed 14.5 Years For Murdering Her Italian Ex-Husband

Published on 8th November 2018 by Stickboy BKK

Frenchman Thai Lover Jailed

A Frenchman and his Thai girlfriend will be spending the next 14-plus years in prison for murdering her Italian ex-husband earlier this year in Phichit.

The Criminal Court this week sentenced Amaury Rigaux, 34, and Rujira Eiumlamai, 38, to 29 years in the slammer each, but halved the terms because they confessed to stabbing and burning Giuseppe de Stefani, 61, in January.

De Stefani’s charred remains were found atop a pyre of tyres in a wooded area of Phichit’s Bueng Nara District near his home. Police said the body was burned after Rigaux stabbed De Stefani in the neck after the two got in a fistfight over their respective relationships with Rujira, who apparently had both men wrapped around her little finger.

Frenchman, Thai Lover Jailed 14.5 Years

Rigaux, previously blacklisted from Thailand but still managed to get back into the Kingdom, began seeing Rujira after she left De Stefani, a man neighbors described as obsessed and violent.

He had been heard threatening to kill Rujira and her two children from an earlier marriage to a Thai man and seen abusing her numerous times. Then, when she began seeing the Frenchman, the Italian reportedly offered him 100,000 baht to leave her.

But leaving the Thai temptress apparently was impossible for Rigaux. He stayed with her even after she slashed his face from hairline to nose tip in one of many arguments.

Why De Stefani would get in a car and drive into the woods with the pair remains a mystery.

Despite the attack, Rigaux remained romantically involved Rujira up until the pair were arrested.

Police found Rujira hiding up a longan tree in a plantation in Tak province on January 29, while Rigaux was apprehended in woodland nearby the previous day.

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