Gambia Says Sorry To Thailand

Gambia Says Sorry To Thailand

Lets kick off the day with a non-story about a non-story to let my brain engage at such an unhealthy hour of the day – the Gambian government have come out and said sorry for their tourism minister tarnishing the reputation of Thailand by telling tourists to head to the Land Of Smiles if they want a bit of “how’s your father?”.

The whole debacle was missed back in January when the guy from Gambia actually made his remarks but the article was picked up some six weeks later by a European travel news site and was republished by the copy and paste kids and before you know it Thai media had latched on to the out of date bluster from Africa.

Then there was uproar about the world giving Thailand a bad name about sex tourism.

After demands for an apology and letters being sent from those in high up and far away places the Gambian Foreign Ministry finally caved in and issued a statement saying how sorry they were for their tourism minister saying if tourists want a sex holiday then they should head to Thailand and not Gambia.

The statement reads:

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Gambians Abroad of the Republic of The Gambia regrets the unfortunate comments made by the Minister of Tourism and Culture, in which he referred to the Tourism Sector of Thailand in a negative manner during televised TV Programme aired on 12 January 2018.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs would like to express its heartfelt apologies to the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand and extends assurances that measures will be put in place to prevent the re-occurrence of such an unfortunate incidence. The Ministry extends its profound assurances to the Government of Thailand that the remarks of the Minister are not to be construed as a reflection of the Government’s view on the Tourism Sector of Thailand.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs values the excellent relations shared with the Kingdom of Thailand and wishes to renew its commitment to strengthening cooperation between the two brother countries”.