Swollen Leg Man Arrested Again For Begging In Pattaya

Published on 25th September 2014 by Stickboy BKK

The German beggar with the swollen leg has been arrested again this afternoon in Pattaya after he was reported for allegedly harassing people for money.

After initially refusing help earlier this week as he begged on Khao San Road, social media shares of his plight seen a charity organisation and the German embassy step in to help.

His medical condition was checked, a place to sleep was arranged, a new passport sorted and reported donations of around 40,000 baht to tide him over until he flew back to Germany were all gifted to him as social media users continued to share his story concerned with his very swollen leg.

charity help german beggar

It turns out he wasn’t waiting on any friends, his leg caused him no pain and was of no immediate threat to his health as its an inherited condition he’s had since childhood. His lost ticket was a figment of his imagination as he’d flown to Thailand one-way and his sob story seems to be nothing but a big fat con after he was spotted having himself a good time in Pattaya last night.

german swollen leg pattaya

Lady friend in tow, and looking as though he’d spent some of his donated money on a fair few Songsom and Cokes, he was back to his old ways – sitting with a cup in hand begging, swollen leg on show for full effect.

Seriously, is this guy two sandwiches short of a picnic?

His face has been all over the internet for 4 or 5 days and the only folk likely NOT to have seen his mug are sexpats snorting white lines off a hookers ass for a week. He did stick on a pair of sunglasses to throw people off his trail but with his kebab-like leg on show to tug at peoples heart strings so they’d dig deep and donate, it wasn’t long before local reporters were hunting him down as news of his arrival in Pattaya spread.

german beggar sunglasses

When they did find him the circus began and his 15 minutes of fame were up when the local cops arrived and arrested him – after posing for some photos of course.

This turned out to be a waste of time when they realised they had nothing to charge him with and he was sent on his way. It can’t be confirmed if his lady friend waited on him or opted to go “elsewhere” but today he was back in business on Beach Road, cup in hand, leg on show. Video here.

Things didn’t last long when police arrested him again at 4pm this afternoon with the PostToday website reporting officials are now in talks with German embassy with the aim of deporting him. Good riddance.

german beggar arrested pattaya

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