German Man Robbed By Pattaya Pickpocket

German Man Robbed By Pattaya Pickpocket

A German tourist became the latest victim of Pattaya pickpockets after having his wallet stolen after a random “woman” stopped to give him a hug.

Arno Schuldt told police he was walking along Klang Road to a restaurant for a bite to eat around 1.30am on Tuesday morning when he was approached by a person wearing women’s clothing.

He said she offered to help him as he uses a walking stick and he believed she was just being friendly. When he politely declined her offer he said she hugged him before he continued his journey.

It wasn’t until he reached for his wallet containing 3,000 baht to pay his food bill that he realised he’d been robbed.

Police are now checking CCTV footage from the area of the robbery in a bid to identify the thift.