Government To Propose Maximum Of Six In The Back Of Pickups

Government Propose Maximum Of Six In The Back Of Pickups

Sometimes news in the Land Of Smiles is like reading The Onion but this is real life Thailand. Ban something one week, cancel it the next and after a month or so we are back where we started.

Just before Songkran it was announced people couldn’t travel in the back of pickups. Within hours the government had found reverse and started moving backwards on their plan to curb the number of deaths during the New Year period.

How could half the country get home for the holidays with such a ban? The people were having none of this and who gives a toss about how many get killed during the Seven Dangerous Days?

The new rules were put on the back burner until after the holidays when the powers that be would put the file back on the table and take another look at their plan.

The Transport Ministry, the Land Transport Department, the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation and the RTP are all in on drafting the new policy and are set to propose a maximum of six people to be allowed to ride in the back of pickups.

Anyone caught with more than six bodies in the back will be given a warning and sent on their way. If they get caught doing it again they will be prosecuted.

So, nothing has changed and bodies splattered across roads around the country will continue.

Another day, another proposal, another round of back pedaling. Happy days.

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