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Body In Freezer Latest

On Friday when I shared the story of the five foreigners arrested during a raid on a house in Phra Khanong I said at the time it was the stuff of a Hollywood movie and two days later as the plot thickens as further details emerge, we are coming close to an Oscar winner here.

First things first before I dig in. Pol Sgt Maj Kanjanapong Chedej is in a stable condition after he was shot in the torso by one of the “gang”, so the charge sheet isn’t going to have a second murder added to it.

The Burmese couple arrested were quickly eliminated and are now helping police with the investigation.

No further details have been released on the blonde male who was found chopped into pieces and stuffed into black bags then stored in the large freezer. Police told Thai media an autopsy report from Chulalongkorn Hospital was expected soon.

Body In Freezer Latest

Body In Freezer Latest

All we know about the dead man is he was a “friend” of Peter, the Brit, who is actually an American, that shot the policeman and was sporting some nasty face wounds.

Peter is an American with dual Brit citizenship who either goes by Peter Johnson, 63, from the USA or Peter Colter, 58, from Northern Ireland. He a well-known face in the Patpong area with many who’ve known him for years shocked at his involvement.

Body In Freezer Latest

During questioning at Phra Khanong police station on Saturday morning Peter attempted to take his own life and was rushed to hospital where he is still being treated and kept under guard.

Before attempting to kill himself he claimed to have shot officer Kanjanapong by accident, saying he was in actual fact attempting to shoot himself. Likely story as he let off three rounds.

He remained tight-lipped over the body in the freezer saying only the deceased was a “friend”.

Body In Freezer Latest

Body In Freezer Latest

He didn’t appear at court on Saturday with his co-accused, 66-year-old James “Jim” Eger and Aaron Gabel, 33, who were read a lengthy charge sheet that included:

– attempting to kill an on duty police officer
– concealing a corpse
– possession of firearms
– forging official documents
– resisting arrest

The apartments of both Eger and Gabel were searched in the early hours of Saturday morning. Computer equipment and mobile phones were seized but no more forged passports, firearms or drugs were discovered.

The Burmese husband and wife who worked as housekeepers for the men said they’d been ordered to stay away from the freezer when it arrived at the five-storey property on Sukhumvit Soi 56 four months ago.

Neighbours told police Peter and his Thai wife bought the Soi 56 shophouse for 7.5 million in cash a year ago, moving in shortly after a three month renovation was completed.

Others shared gossip that Eger and Gabel were regular visitors with several cars coming after dark a few times a week over the past few months, however, none of the curtain twitchers could identify who was inside the vehicles.

All three men were refused bail as they posed a flight risk and remanded until October 12th.

The US and UK embassies have been contacted in a bid to help identify the suspects and the deceased with passports, fingerprints and DNA samples being handed over.

Stickboy Comment: High ranking cops have gone on record stating they believe the suspects are members of a passport forgery gang.

This is something I’m not convinced of. Photos released showed less than a dozen passports found during Friday’s raid, most of which have photos of those arrested inserted and several are out of date.

Above are some of the passports cops seized on Friday. Below are photos from a bust back in February when police arrested “The Doctor” and his gang of passport forgers.

It appears more likely they had a handful of dodgy passports used to come and go for other illegitimate reasons.

Just what those reasons were and why they had a dead body stuffed in a freezer is where the next plot twist comes when one of them finally breaks and spills the beans.

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