Gullible George Fleeced By ‘Homeless’ Pattaya Streetwalker

Published on 16th December 2018 by Stickboy BKK

Gullible George Fleeced

A British tourist who took a woman he met on a Pattaya street back to his hotel room because she told him she was homeless woke up with a drug hangover and no cash.

George Lerce, 56, was nearing the end of the Thailand leg of his Gullible’s Travels when two streetwalkers approached him outside a 7-Eleven on Soi Diana Friday night. One asked to go with him because she supposedly didn’t have a room, even though her friend was going home.

Bless his heart, kind-hearted Lerce agreed to let the mishap in a miniskirt join him in his condo.

In an interview he gave to Thai media Lerce didn’t detail what transpired once they got to his bachelor pad, but it didn’t end as he expected.

He woke up expecting the clock to say 6 a.m. only to have it read 4 p.m. He also found about 100,000 baht in cash and jewelry was gone.

Police sifted through the ransacked wreckage of the condo and vowed they would get to the bottom of it. Meanwhile, Lerce has a plane to catch to Manila where he’s sure to find many more damsels in distress on Burgos Street.

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