In Pictures: Central Road Underpass Construction

Published on 11th September 2015 by Stickboy BKK

Central Road underpass construction

It’s only eight months into a what’s expected to be a three-year construction nightmare in Pattaya and the pain for drivers keeps getting worse as work continues on the area’s “big dig”.

Work is actually proceeding at a good clip on the Sukhumvit Road bypass tunnel under Central Road as this series of recent photos snapped by Pattaya forum user “ForceBWitU” shows.

Central Road underpass construction

Most of the digging and banging is going on at the north end of the project near Soi Siam Country Club. The photos seems to show workers building supports and moulds to support the future roof of the dug-out tunnel.

Central Road Underpass Construction

Commuting to, from and through Pattaya continues to be hellish, with lanes reduced both north and southbound. Add in holiday weekend traffic and it can take an hour to travel just the four kilometres from North to South roads. And with the tunnel estimated to take three years to finish – which in Thailand likely means at least four – the commute isn’t going to get better any time soon.

Photo credit: ForceBWitU

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