Paddy On Overstay Arrested After Telling Pattaya Immigration Cop ‘F**k You’

chonburi immigration

An Irishman who showed up at Chonburi Immigration to extend his visa while on overstay was arrested and told to leave Thailand within 24 hours after telling immigration officers willing to help him ‘F**k You’.

The story goes 37-year-old Brian Walsh had done a visa run and only got a 15 day visa exemption as he entered over land, and not 30 days as he thought if he’d flown into the country.

Realising he had overstayed for 4 days earlier this week, he went to the immigration office to apply for a 30 day extension which the female officer on duty was willing to give him at a cost of 3,900 baht.

1,900 for the extension and 2,000 baht in overstay fees calculated at the usual 500 baht per day rate.

Now if I had been in the Irishman’s shoes I’d have peeled off those 1,000 baht bills, gave the lass a big smile and been on my way to the pub happy as Larry at encountering no issues for being on overstay and getting an extra 30 day stamp but that’s not what Brian the bellend decided to do.

He felt it was an injustice he had to hand over 2 large for overstay and went off on one abusing the woman sat across the desk who was willing to help him. His outburst ended with the hothead walking away, telling the female immigration officer “F**k you”.

Other officers on duty weren’t letting him away with such disrespect to a coworker and arrested him on the spot on charges of overstay.

He was told to leave Thailand within 24 hours or he’d be prosecuted, deported and blacklisted for five years.