A Jeremy Kyle Style Tomboy, Ladyboy & Farrang Love Triangle

Published on 26th July 2017 by Stickboy BKK

A Jeremy Kyle Style Tomboy Ladyboy Farrang Love Triangle

So, where to begin with this tricky love triangle that made the news yesterday that reads like an episode of Jeremy Kyle.

We have a pregnant tomboy who has a kid with a ladyboy – who recently decided he was returning to more manly ways ditching the dresses and padded bras for the sake of his son – and a Belgian man who is responsible for impregnating the tomboy.

The story takes a few twists and turns as the butch lesbian tomboy has now been dumped by the ex-ladyboy for playing away from home with a filthy foreigner and getting a bun in the oven.

tomboy ladyboy weddingThe big day

A Jeremy Kyle Style Tomboy Ladyboy Farrang Love TriangleEx-ladyboy manning up for his son

A Jeremy Kyle Style Tomboy Ladyboy Farrang Love TriangleThe pregnant tomboy carrying the Belgian’s baby

The tom and ladyboy hit the headlines a couple of years ago when it came to light about their non-conforming relationship and the interwebs were on fire when the pregnancy was announced.

However, in true Jeremy Kyle style, the tomboy started to stray after giving birth and picked up a Belgian gik along the way and soon found out two was about to become three… or in her case three was about to become five.

When hearing his lover was pregnant by another man the ex-ladyboy was having none of it and cut her loose. He has now taken custody of their son to raise on his own.

It would appear from this tricky love triangle tale that the Belgian has disappeared into the dark too but it wasn’t mentioned if he was aware that he’d soon become a father.

The question many are asking is – when the tomboy pops the luk khrueng will she get back together with her ex and their son to make a happy family of four?

In true Jeremy Kyle style that would be the way and one day the Belgian man would turn up out the blue hand in hand with his ladyboy lover demanding access to his child.

Photo Credit: tsood.com / Facebook

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