Kiwi Drug Kingpin Dies In Thai Prison

Published on 3rd March 2019 by Stickboy BKK

Lee Vincent

A New Zealand drug kingpin who enjoyed seven years in Thailand without being extradited home to spend 12 years in prison died after being arrested … for overstaying his visa.

Lee Vincent, aka “Kemp Ashby”, was the creator of Kiwi party pills that made him and partner Chris Chase NZ$50 million before a police operation targeting the designer drugs crashed their London Underground company.

Vincent and Chase were sentenced to 12 ½ years in prison, but Vincent – living in Thailand – never had anything to fear. Thai police never arrested him and the Justice Ministry ignored extradition requests.

But then Vincent got sloppy and got swept up in the most mundane of ways: He got caught overstaying his visa last year and ended up in jail. There, in squalid conditions, he contracted a bacterial infection and died.

If he had lived, Vincent finally would have been sent home to face the music. But authorities say there is nothing to suspect murder or suicide. Vincent was not a healthy man.

According to a Facebook post from June 2018, Vincent admitted to being “pretty unwell” for two years. He had nearly died from gangrene and underwent 15 operations to save a limb from amputation. But treatment with massive doses of antibiotics “ravaged” his immune system, Vincent wrote.

Ever since he was prone to bacterial infections.

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