Korat Cops Introduce ‘Traffic Ladies’ Training

Published on 22nd November 2017 by Stickboy BKK

Korat Cops Introducing Traffic Ladies Training

Korat cops have launched a new training program for female officers that will allow them to safely manage traffic outside schools in the morning.

Pol Maj Gen Watcharin Boonkong, acting head of Nakhon Ratchasima police, told reporters at the launch day presentation he got the idea for the “Traffic Ladies” project after receiving a directive from Police HQ in Bangkok to improve traffic and raise the image of officers by improving the standard of service so the public are pleased with the work they do.

Over 100 policewomen from all 51 stations in the province will be trained as “Traffic Ladies” who will improve the image of the police by having a good personality, smiling, a friendly demeanor, good manners, being attentive and enthusiastic in serving the pubic all the while making sure the traffic flows smoothly and preventing any accidents..

Once they have their smiles sorted and their good manners in order they will be posted outside schools each morning to wave their magic wands to prevent any gridlock or fender benders plus give the dads dropping of their kids ear to ear smiles and a friendly “good morning”.

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