‘Lady Of The Hills’ Ex-husband, Now Back In Thailand, Prime Suspect In 2004 Killing Of Thai Bride

Published on 19th March 2019 by Stickboy BKK

Lady Of The Hills

Forensics tests have confirmed what most people suspected and an English teacher in Thailand feared: The 13-year-old remains of a woman buried in England is his ex-wife.

David Armitage, 55, is back in the Land of Smiles after already having taken one Thai bride back to Blighty and, U.K. police suspect, killed her.

The partially clothed remains of Lamduan Seekanya Armitage were found in the Yorkshire Dales, a national park in northern England, in September 2004.

But, at the time, no one knew who she was. Armitage, who married Lamduan in 1991 in Thailand and moved her back to England in 1995, said his wife simply “disappeared”. He never claimed the corpse that was found face down in a stream near the Horton in Ribblesdale.

Finally, in 2007, the parish council gave the woman a funeral, carving into her headstone “The Lady of the Hills”.

But Lamduan’s mother, Joomsri Seekanya, 73, never gave up hope her daughter would return alive. But when she learned that a corpse of Southeast Asian origin still laid unidentified in the unnamed grave since the time Laumduan went missing, she launched a campaign to identify the remains.

In February, Thailand’s Department of Special Investigation gave British police evidence to determine if the bones were hers. Fingerprints recovered when Lamduan was found wearing only jeans and socks, a torn bra hanging nearby, were proved they were.

Despite the disrobed state of the body, U.K. police in 2004 had ruled Lamduan’s death unsuspicious. A cold case review in October last year concluded otherwise and the investigation was reopened, with investigators checking missing persons’ reports from the South Cumbria-North Lancashire area after technology not available 14 years ago determined she’d been living there.

So had Armitage. But now he was long gone. Back to Thailand, teaching at Kanchanaburi Rajabhat University.

Reached by British tabloids, the 55-year-old English teacher insists he didn’t kill his late wife, crying that he was the victim of a “whispering campaign” in the media.

“I know the inferences are there but I’m just getting on with my life. It’s been a long time,” he told The Sun.

But U.K. police are not inferring anything. They’ve made Armitage Suspect No. 1 and Lamduan’s mother agrees. The couple had two children together, who now live with their father in Thailand, but the marriage was troubled, Joomsri said.

When Lamduan disappeared in 2004, friends suspected she’d finally left the British man with whom she had little in common and moved back to Thailand. In 2016, Joomsri said, Lamduan’s son told her that his father claimed she’d left him for another man.

In fact, she laid in a graveyard 25 miles from where the two lived together, honored in a memorial service each September as the Lady of the Hills.

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