Man Arrested For Alleged Axe Attack On German Tourist

Published on 31st October 2019 by Stickboy BKK

Man Arrested For Axe Attack On German Tourist

A Yasothon man was arrested late Wednesday night for allegedly attacking a German tourist with an axe during a botched robbery at a villa on Koh Samui earlier this week.

Food vendor Somchai Duaylai was apprehended after a stand-off with local cops and officers from Koh Samui who tracked him to a room on the outskirts of Bangkok after he fled the island for the capital on Tuesday by motorbike following the alleged attack on the German and the robbery of a British man.

After attempting to barricade himself in his room he then threatened police with a knife and a bottle befoire cops finally managed to cuff him.

He then confessed to breaking and entering a house on Monday night occupied by a German national who was disturbed by the sound of breaking glass and confronted Duaylai and his accomplice.

A fight ensued and Duaylai swung an axe at the unnamed German hitting him on the head and ear. The burglars fled with an empty wallet.

The following night he admitted to breaking into another home belonging to a Brit and stealing 16,000 baht in cash. He then fled Samui by bike for Bangkok in a bid to evade capture.

Thai media reported Duaylai had been convicted and sentenced to five years in prison in 2009 for the rape of a British woman on the holiday island.

He was remanded in custody before being transferred back to Koh Samui on Thursday to be charged ahead of a court appearance.

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