Man Comes Close To Losing His Penis After Getting It Stuck In DIY Fleshlight For 5 Days

Man Almost Loses His Penis After It Got Stuck In DIY Fleshlight

A 21-year-old Thai man came close to having his penis amputated after getting it stuck inside a metal pipe he had been using as a sex toy.

The unnamed man was hospitalised on Sunday after he called medics when he couldn’t take the pain any more after having his swollen penis jammed in the pipe for five days.

EMTs from the Rom Sai Foundation used 25 blades in a bid to free his willy but after three hours the man had to be taken into hospital to have his DIY Fleshlight removed.

He told docs he’d used aluminium pipes for pleasuring himself many times before but on this occasion he stuffed a sock inside for something a bit different.

After he climaxed he said his tool was stuck and the blood couldn’t flow out as he’d bent the pipe for better pleasure.

For the next five days he tried all sorts to set his sausage free with no success.

Doctors said he came close to losing his manhood as the skin had begun to rot and become infected.