Mass Surveillance Of Thai Internet Coming

Prachatai are reporting today that from Monday 15th September, all internet traffic, including encrypted data, will be under the scrutiny of a “surveillance device” being implemented under the NCPO’s Order No. 26/2014, issued on 29 May 2014.

The Order is titled, “On the control and surveillance of the use of social media”, and reads that in order to prevent the dissemination of false information on the internet, the Permanent Secretary (of the MICT) can appoint a working group to:

– monitor and access the computer traffic, the use of websites, social media, photos, text, video and audio which are deemed to instigate violence and unrest, which are deemed to be unlawful and which violate the NCPO’s Orders.
– have the authority to stop the dissemination of websites, social media, photos, text and audio deemed to be in violation of Paragraph 1
– use the authority granted by law to prosecute wrongdoers and work with the NCPO.

The Prachatai article claims the information comes from “unconfirmed reports from two different sources” and will target lèse majesté violators.

Under the current political climate this should come as a surprise to no-one, and those using the internet in a legal manner have nothing to fear. As for those who claim it is a violation, then all I can say to that is NSA.

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