Massage Quack Shatters Chonburi Woman’s Leg, Life

Published on 21st March 2019 by Stickboy BKK

Massage Quack Shatters Chonburi Woman

A Chonburi woman who went to a “magic healer” for muscle pain had her life ruined when the quack broke her leg and then wouldn’t compensate her.

Identified only as Pranom, the Ban Bung, Chonburi street food chef is now hip-deep in debt after her husband left her and she was unable to work. Surgery to repair the shattered femur is estimated to cost 150,000 baht that she doesn’t have.

The sad tale began in December when Pranom sprained a leg muscle when she stepped on a plastic box. Her friend, Kwan, told her about a so-called “angel massager” in Rayong that locals were raving about.

But when Pranom arrived for her appointment, the supposed masseur didn’t lay hands, but his feet. His schtick was to walk on bodies to relieve tension and pain.

The pain was unbearable, Pranom recalls. She shouted for the man to stop, but he didn’t until there was a loud crack, the sound of her leg bone splintering.

The “magic healer” then really showed what his feet could, running from the scene and refusing to answer her calls or texts again.

Pranom presumably had the bone reset and cast, but it will not properly heal without expensive surgery, doctors at Chonburi Hospital told her. But Pranom is unable to pay, so she remains hobbled.

Unable to meet her end of the family finances, Pranom watched as her husband left her. She then moved in with Kwan, who no doubt felt guilty about her quack referral. Pranom has steadily sold off all her belongings to get by.

The woman has gone to the media in hopes of getting a handout and, she hopes to bring the bone-breaker to justice. She said there’s a video of his high-steppin’ antics, so she said there’s no doubt who is to blame.

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