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Model Who Saved Lives During Huge Blaze Is Dubbed ‘World’s Sexiest Firefighter’



World's Sexiest Firefighter

A model has been dubbed the world’s sexiest firefighter after she was seen saving lives during a huge blaze.

Mookthida Junsonkom, 28, was pictured rushing into the inferno which destroyed more than 100 homes last month in Bangkok.

Screaming residents fled but Mookthida, whose nickname is ‘Fun’, grabbed a hose and helped to douse the flames, potentially saving lives. Several people were injured and rushed to the hospital.

Pictures of Mookthida in action emerged on social media and locals branded her the world’s hottest firefighter and nicknamed her the ‘sexy fire girl’.

”I started working as a rescue volunteer when I was 13 years old,” said Mookthida yesterday (September 14) during a training session in Bangkok.

”Now we have our own fire truck and my job is to hold the nozzle of the hose and fire the water at the flames.

”I love it. This is my dream. To hear the people we help say ‘thank you’, it’s a feeling that cannot be bought.”

Foxy Firefighter Gallery

Mookthida works as a freelance model doing promotional work in Thailand – making a lucrative income in the beauty-obsessed country.

However, in her free time, she swaps her skimpy clothes for a firefighter’s uniform.

She is the only woman in the ‘Sudsakorn’ rescue unit but is never intimated by the masculine environment.

”I’m as brave as any man,” she said. ”When people are in need, everything else is not important. We put other people’s lives first.”

Mookthida said she first inspired to volunteer with her local rescue group – charitable foundations that support the emergency services – when she was a child and saw a kitten being rescued.

She added: ”I want to encourage everyone to put some of their time and energy into helping people in their community. Volunteers are crucial to rescue teams. Everywhere around the world, they cannot function without people giving up their time to help.”


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KOH SAMUI: French Woman Tests Positive For Covid-19 After Doing 14 Day Quarantine



French Woman Tests Positive For Covid-19 After Doing 14 Day Quarantine

The Ministry of Public Health have confirmed this afternoon that a 57-year-old French woman has tested positive for Covid-19 on Koh Samui.

The woman arrived in Thailand on September 30th from France and went into mandatory 14-day quarantine in Bangkok where she tested negative 3 times during this period.

On October 15 she left quarantine, visited the French Embassy before flying to Koh Samui with her family on Bangkok Airways flight PG167.

Two days later she developed a cough and fever then on Tuesday she went to Bangkok Hospital Samui for testing.

Both her first test on Wednesday, then a second on Thursday came back positive. Her husband and child both tested negative.

The three family members have been kept in hospital for quarantine and observation.

Friends and others all three came into contact with have been tested and are awaiting the results later today.

This is the third “local” case in almost five months with the previous two being a prisoner and the footballer from Uzbekistan. There were no further cases or contaminations for either one.

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Billionaire Heir Police Captain Kills Meatball Vendor, Flees The Scene



Police Captain Kills Meatball Vendor

A police captain reported to be the heir to a billion-dollar property company fled the scene of a fatal car accident in the early hours of Thursday morning leaving a meatball vendor dead on the road.

According to an eyewitness, the meatball vendor was on the way home in the Pattanakarn area of Bangkok when the police captain crashed a BMW into him in the middle of the road at around 4am.

At the height of the confusion and commotion after the crash, Pol. Capt. Akarawin “Jimmy” Taechaubol fled the scene after being picked up by his driver who was following behind in a minivan, leaving a confused 25-year-old woman in her car he’d been driving.

The woman, who was in a state of inebriation, said she met the policeman in a pub and he offered to drive her home since she was too drunk to get behind the wheel.

Several hours after the accident, Pol. Capt. Akarawin contacted Klong Tan Police Station stating he would surrender himself.

Sometime later he showed up and surrendered. He underwent alcohol and drug tests with investigators awaiting results.

Klong Tan police charged him with reckless driving that causes damage to property and death plus leaving the scene of an accident.

He was released on 100k bail.

Multiple Thai media outlets report that he is a billionaire heir to a mega property company, as well as owning restaurants in Thailand and in the UK.

Comparisons were also made to the high profile Red Bull heir case – expensive car, heir to billions, fleeing the scene, hiding for several hours before surrendering for alcohol and drug tests,

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PM Revokes State Of Emergency In Bangkok



PM Revokes State Of Emergency In Bangkok

The Prime Minister stuck to his word and revoked the State Of Emergency in Bangkok from noon today in a bid to end the street protests.

Speaking in a televised address on Wednesday evening, the PM said he would lift the “Serious Emergency Situation in Bangkok” if there was no violence at the anti-government protests taking the first step in resolving the situation.

PM Revokes State Of Emergency In Bangkok

Protestors marched to Government House after gathering at Victory Monument at 4pm yesterday.

They handed over their demands including a large resignation letter for the PM to senior police officers before dispersing peacefully.

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