Motocy’s Facebook Vest Sale Brings Army’s Wrath Down On Pattaya Taxi Drivers

Published on 23rd January 2019 by Stickboy BKK

Wrath Down On Pattaya Taxi Drivers

A Pattaya motorcycle-taxi driver who tried to sell his registered vest online has brought down the wrath of the local government on all of the city’s drivers.

Banglamung District officials and soldiers were out Tuesday for their second sweep through South Pattaya in five days, checking licenses, motorcycle registrations and other regulatory requirements.

Thirty bike stands were inspected and numerous bikers were found using non-commercial license plates, dressed poorly or otherwise not meeting the standards set out in their licenses.

District officials tried to pass off the check as part of an effort started in September to better regulate the motocy, but, in fact, it’s an effort to cover their arses after driver Pornthep Jampangam, 39, was caught illegally trying to hock his orange vest on Facebook for 120,000 baht.

Wrath Down On Pattaya Taxi Drivers

Wrath Down On Pattaya Taxi Drivers

Banglamung-based National Council for Peace and Order soldiers, Pattaya police and Chonburi Land Transport Department officials swooped down on his Soi Yensabai taxi stand Jan. 19.

He was arrested and, while they were there, land-transport officials checked Pornthep’s 13 co-workers and found they were using the wrong type of motorcycles, weren’t dressed properly and other offenses.

All were sent to the Banglamung District office for corrective action and training and the White Rose Mansion stand was threatened with closure and all the drivers’ licenses revoked.

Pornthep is now a dirty word among the motorcy and he’s looking over his shoulder after army brass in Bangkok, which has made taxi-regulation a staple in their “hearts and minds” campaign since the 2014 coup, ordered a citywide crackdown in now in progress.

Officials claim they’ll have all of the drivers in line by the end of the month.

Photo Credit: STVPattaya

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