MRT Madness As Thai Guy & Tourists’ Tempers Flare [Video]

MRT Madness

A Thai man and a tourist got involved in a heated dispute on the MRT Friday afternoon that would have seen them come to blows if another passenger hadn’t stepped in two separate the pair.

It all started after the tourist bumped another passenger with his luggage and for the hot-headed Thai man, his apology wasn’t enough so he let loose on the tourist with a tongue lashing, telling him at one point, “Go your f**king country”.

The tourist replied by saying, “Go to police station” which the Thai guy interpretative as “You wanna fight?”.

Challenges to a fight kept coming as do childish attempts to goad the holidaymaker into a square go.

When the train stopped at the next station the Thai guy asks someone to get security… was he going to report himself for trying to hit and kick the tourist?

If it wasn’t for the passenger with the backpack, this could have got messy.

Video Credit: Twitter @luckyphilbkk

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