Muslim Hackers Take Down Lamphun Province Website

Published on 24th August 2015 by Stickboy BKK

tunisia hack

The official Lamphun provincial website was attacked late on Sunday night by Muslim hackers from Tunisia that left the homepage showing the message: “Hacked by Fallag Gassrini & Dr Lamouchi Tunisian Cyber Resistance Fallaga Team”.

The website at has been taken offline this morning following the attack.

The flash animation, accompanied by Islamic music, had various messages warning not to provoke the Muslim world and the site admin could retake control at any time.

In the past, Fallaga Team have shown support for a variety of Islamist causes.

Why the hackers chose to attack this particular Thai government website isn’t clear as Lamphun isn’t exactly on the front line in the war against Muslims.

UPDATE: The Bangkok Post reported this afternoon a handful of other Thai government websites were also attacked by the same group. They had no further info to add to the story.

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