Naked Russian Arrested Aboard Luxury Yacht

Naked Russian Arrested Aboard Luxury Yacht

Police suspect a Russian man who was arrested in his birthday suit aboard a luxury yacht in a Koh Samui marina on Sunday evening was either off his trolley, high on drugs or drunk as a skunk.

Local plods were alerted by locals that a naked foreigner had swam out to sea and climbed on to the yacht moored in the marina.

Angry “Alexander” was still hunting around the yacht apparently looking for a key when police arrived and he wasn’t for covering up his modesty nor was he keen on being cuffed.

With resisting arrest now topping the charge sheet, he failed to explain himself and his actions so he was put in the tank to sober up and come to his senses.

A few hours later he tried to sell a sob story about arguing with his wife to cops but they weren’t convinced and certain there was more to the tale.

He was charged with causing a public disturbance and resisting arrest with police waiting to hear back from the yacht owner to see if property damage would be added to the list.