The New TM6 – Same Same But Different

Published on 11th August 2017 by Stickboy BKK

new tm6 oct 2017

This week the news in Thailand has been filled with back to back stories involving the immigration bureau including 4 hour queues for passengers arriving at DMK followed a few days later by similar scenes at Swampy.

Then we had calls for the immigration form, the TM6, to be scrapped only for TAT to hit back with it’s essential it stays for stats and info on tourists.

In typical Thai-style no sooner had we heard everyone and their dogs views and opinions on the whole fiasco it was announced the TM6 was here to stay and it was getting a makeover.

And so the 2-page immigration card we all fill in every time we come and go from the country became a single double-sided sheet.

Same same but different.

New additions on the arrivals section include phone number and email address. Just what TAT needs for their research.

Oh, yeah. You’ll start seeing them from Oct 1.

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