Norwegian Attacked After He Threatens Wife, Bouncers & Baht Bus Driver

Published on 19th January 2016 by Stickboy BKK

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It all went pear-shaped for a young Norwegian man living in Pattaya in the early hours of Tuesday morning after he was seen to threaten his good lady with a knife before turning it on two doormen who stepped in to save the damsel in distress.

Stian Vebenstad, 20, turned up at the police station with his wife to file a complaint looking like he’d went ten rounds with Mike Tyson.

The young fisherman claims he was beaten by two doormen from a pub in Soi Buakhao who intervened in his domestic dispute after he’d pulled a pocket-sized knife on his Thai wife, Naphatsawan Jaikla, in a bid to force her back to their condo after the pair argued and fought in the Manchester Beer Bar, located in the aptly named Action Street.

When the pair boarded a baht bus to return to their room he then turned his anger on the driver and began repeatedly hitting his vehicle demanding to be told the fare.

By this point, Somchai and Somchai had seen enough and stepped in to restore peace and order. Of course, this only inflamed the nutty Norwegian further who by now had forgotten about his wife and the baht bus driver and focused his fury on the two “Good Samaritans”.

The pair, who were invited down the station to give their version of events, say Vebenstad pulled the knife on them and chased them off which is when others appeared out the shadows and dished out a bit of street justice. During the kicking that followed, the Norwegian claims he lost a 20,000 baht gold necklace.

Two bouncers from the Sophoshor Pub were arrested and questioned, however, police say they will need to check CCTV footage and interview other witnesses to determine what really took place as they felt all those involved were being economical with the truth.

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