Pattaya Austrian Stitched Up For Short Overstay

Published on 9th May 2019 by Stickboy BKK

chonburi immigration

An Austrian in Thailand since only January must have pissed someone off, as he was ratted out and arrested for overstaying his visa by a relatively short 91 days.

Chonburi Immigration Office police showed up at the North Pattaya home of Max Seybert, 37, on Tuesday, apparently tipped off to a visa violation.

Sure enough, Seybert’s passport showed he’s arrived in Thailand on Jan. 7 with permission to stay only until Feb. 5.

He was arrested and prepared for deportation for the 91-day overstay.

Immigration police showing up on the steps of a private house usually only happens when someone has a massive overstay of years.
As he was caught and did not surrender for his overstay, Seybert will be banned from Thailand for five years.

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