Pattaya Go-Go Facing Closure After Bin Bullies Bash Female Farrangs

Published on 12th February 2016 by Stickboy BKK

canadian woman attacked pattaya go go bar

The Palace go-go bar on Pattaya’s Walking Street could be looking at immediate closure following a viscous attack on a Canadian teacher in the early hours of Friday morning.

Sara Harper, 27, and her cousin Shen Arnot, 25, were drinking in the bar and realised when it came time to check bin they didn’t have enough money on them so one went to the ATM for cash to cover their 5,000 baht bill.

injured canadian

The women told police there wasn’t enough baht in the bank and a trip back to the hotel was needed which took some time.

During this lengthy wait, the teacher said she wanted to go outside and watch for her cousin coming back which is when service staff became aggressive and an argument started. Before you know it things turned nasty and the tourist was attacked.

Police said the due amount was eventually paid in full and that the staff responsible for the attack would be charged with assault.

However, the story might not be the quick fix for The Palace as it once was when foreigners got beat up by burly bouncers and wild waitresses.

the palace

At a meeting with police last month, bar owners were told no more violence against customers or they’d be shutdown for casting the country in a bad light and affecting tourism.

Bosses were categorically told to call police if they had a problem with tourists and not resort to violence.

It appears that message fell on deaf ears so far as The Palace were concerned and depending on who they know and how deep their pockets are, it could be game over for this Walking Street chrome pole club.

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