Pattaya Police Throw Book At Chinaman Who Claimed He ‘Lost’ 750,000 Baht On Beach

Published on 6th January 2019 by Stickboy BKK

Pattaya Police Throw Book Chinaman

Pattaya police have heard their share of strange-but-true stories, but even they didn’t believe a Chinaman was walking around the beach with a Gucci bag stuffed with 750,000 baht.

Eyebrows went up when 26-year-old Jihong Mao came into the Soi 9 station with a tall tale of betrayal and lost baht.

To hear Jihong tell it, he had touched down at Suvarnabhumi Airport on New Year’s Eve and hit it off with two compatriots. Although he’d never met them before, he invited the Chinese couple to Pattaya and even got them a room at his hotel. Happy days.

On Jan. 2, the trio went to Pattaya Beach and, along with his towel and tanning oil, Jihong tucked US$20,000, 10,000 Chinese yuan and 70,000 baht into his beach bag. You know, for the rubber rings and foot massages.

He then went for a swim and left the bag with his new pals, who ended up taking it back to their hotel room. Jihong said he forgot all about his cash-stuffed bag until the next day. But when he went to the couple’s room to retrieve it, they were gone, along with his cash and passport.

To Thai police, Jihong’s story smelled fishier than the Chinaman’s swimming trunks. So they went to his hotel, spoke to staff and found the couple in question had checked out and gone to the Mind Resort Premier Suites a few blocks away.

Pattaya Police Throw Book Chinaman

Sure enough, Lian Yaxi, 27, and Li Yiying, 25, were there and, in fact, happy to see the police. They wanted to turn in Jihong for being a scamming, rip-off illegal tour guide.

Bag? What bag? There never was a bag, of course. Instead, police got the real story: Lian & Li flew together with Jihong from China with promises of a once-in-a-lifetime tour of Thailand at a budget price.

But when they got to Pattaya, Jihong raised the price of the next legs of their tour by ten times. In anger, the couple took his passport, stormed off and checked out, intending to file a police report with his ID.

After putting the screws to Jihong, police got a confession. The guide admitted he made up the story so he could get police assistance in getting his passport back.

He got a lot more than that. The Chinaman now faces charges of filing an illegal police report, working illegally, working illegally as a tour guide and extortion.

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