Pattaya’s Rebuilt Beach Ravaged By 2 Hours Of Rain

Published on 3rd April 2019 by Stickboy BKK

Beach Ravaged By 2 Hours Of Rain

Pattaya Beach has been beautifully rebuilt, but the city’s failure to solve its perennial flooding problem is flushing all the good work and money out to sea.

The restored shoreline – widened to 35 meters and raised almost two meters in a 600-billion-baht project spanning seven years – was ravaged by Tuesday’s storm, the first big one of 2019. It rained for only two hours, but the storm runoff rushing west from as far as the Nongprue railroad tracks, gouged out tracts of sand wide enough for an SUV to drive through.

All the sand that had been carefully dredged and placed there was washed out to sea.

Street flooding will continue to wreak havoc with the beach as rainy season sets in after this month. Pattaya’s administrators, in all their wisdom, worsened the problem last year by demolishing parts of sidewalks to let water stream from Beach Road through the sand.

While those holes were closed, a stinking mix of water and sewage continues to spill over Beach Road and onto the sand. Pattaya workers were out Tuesday and Wednesday, driving heavy machinery into the sea to recover sand and fill in the craters at Soi 2, Soi 6 and South Pattaya.

Pattaya’s originally built a sewer system able to handle a maximum 80,000 cubic meters of water and waste simultaneously, per day. At those levels, sewage constituted only about 30 percent of the total volume, meaning storm runoff could dilute it sufficiently before it reached the sea.

But with the city’s population explosion as much as 120,000 cu. meters of liquid is being flushed into Pattaya’s pipes with half of that being raw sewage. While some can be cleaned at two sewage-treatment plants, large quantities of untreated wastewater ends up blackening the beach and sea.

Such was the case Tuesday, with Pattaya Bay turning black and deep trenches running through the new sand.
Enjoy what’s left of the beach now. Based on Pattaya City Hall’s track record, it won’t last long.

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