Police Raid Factory Recycling Face Masks

Published on 3rd March 2020 by Stickboy BKK

Workers Caught Recycling Face Masks

Shocking footage has emerged showing workers in Saraburi province ironing used face masks to sell again.

Police raided the factory 65 miles north of Bangkok on Monday after complaints about dodgy masks being sold to locals desperate for protection against coronavirus.

The group were allegedly collecting dirty and discarded surgical masks, putting them through a washing machine and dryer, ironing them, repackaging them before selling them again as new.

Officers arrived in the afternoon and found the house recycling the face masks was connected to a local junkyard and rubbish dump, where they collected them from.

Inside the property they found thousands of white surgical masks and six male teenagers busy cleaning, ironing and re-packaging them.

The teenagers are paid 1 baht per mask that they recycle, with most able to recycle 300-400 per day with the mask sold for 3 baht each.

The district sheriff said they would interrogate the woman in charge of the business further and immediately shut down the operation.

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