Police Rule Out Foul Play, Brit Died Of Heart Failure

Brit Died Of Heart Failure

Despite the headlines from UK tabloids, there is no mystery surrounding the death of a British man in a Bangkok hotel over the weekend, who police say likely died of heart failure.

Luke Ramage, 31, was found by a receptionist sprawled on the bed of his Bavana Hotel room on Saturday after a heavy drinking session in nearby Patpong the previous night.

His friends abandoned him and headed to Pattaya, apparently panicked, after informing hotel staff their mate “had a problem”.

The Sun suggested the safe had been emptied, there were signs of a fight and Ramage had bruising on his shoulders and legs – all of which police denied.

Luke Ramage room

The head of Bang Rak police station told Thai media the safe hadn’t been used, no valuables were missing and there were no signs of a fight with the cause of death believed to be acute heart failure likely caused by excessive drinking.

He added there were no signs of foul play and the only bruising on the body was caused by EMTs performing CPR.

CCTV footage from the hotel showed the deceased return to the hotel in late Friday intoxicated being helped by two friends he took him to his fifth-floor room before leaving the hotel.

The pair returned several hours later before reporting a problem to the receptionist at around 8.30am.

Police are co-ordinating with embassy official to repatriate the body.