Police Shoot Dead Guy With A Grenade [Video]

Published on 14th June 2015 by Stickboy BKK

Dramatic Video Footage Of Police Shoot Dead Guy With Grenade

Dramatic video footage showing the moment police officers in Surat Thani shot dead a man with a grenade was shared today on the Thailand Police Story Facebook page.

From what I can gather, the man was stopped and searched this morning after a police patrol seen him in a heated argument with a woman and acting in a strange way as if under the influence of drugs. During a body search and questioning the guy done a runner and attempted to hide in a pond in a wooded area.

Following a stand off of more than an hour and despite police repeatedly telling the man to put his hands up and come out the pond he attempted to pull the pin on a grenade he’d been trying to hide at which point officers opened fire killing him.

A background check revealed there was an outstanding warrants against him for various drug offenses and that he was known to be associated with drug traffickers.

Video Via – Thailand Police Story

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