Police, Soldiers Detain 100 After Pattaya Beach Gang War

Published on 24th April 2019 by Stickboy BKK

Soldiers Detain 100 After Pattaya Beach Gang War

Pattaya-area police and soldiers rounded up about 100 hookers and hooligans from Sin City’s shoreline after two youth gangs went to war on the beach earlier this week.

About 100 Pattaya City, Tourist Division and Immigration Bureau officers were joined by army soldiers and police volunteers in the Tuesday night sweep. As per usual, however, the hookers were allowed to return to peddling their wares after paying a fine.

The pimps and thugs were a different story. All had to submit to DNA tests and criminal records and outstanding warrants checked after Chonburi’s provincial police blew a gasket at scenes of panicked tourists running from cover as gangbangers knifed and clubbed each other on the beach promenade.

Paramedics and police scooped up four bloodied bangers off the ground at Soi 13/2 April 21, including one slashed on the leg and three others with head and other bludgeoning injuries.

They were treated at Banglamung and Pattaya hospitals and one of the four later died.

The injured equally represented the two rival gangs. One gang member told police he and his friends were boozing it up on the beach when rivals rode up and got in their faces.

In addition for being the work place for female hookers and ladyboy pickpockets, the beach has become the hangout for pimps and street thugs to get drunk and cause trouble.

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