Qatar Airways Have Discovered The Pattaya The Tourism Dept Have Always Dreamed Of

Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Qatar Airways are one of the worlds fastest growing airlines who love to talk numbers, with a fleet of more than 200 aircraft traveling to over 150 global destinations with around 46,000 employees making sure millions of passengers get to where they are going.

So you can imagine my surprise when @MulletFarm on Twitter pointed out to me how the website describes Pattaya ahead of the new service to U-Tapao International Airport commencing 28th January 2018:

qatar pattaya

Off-the-beaten-what? Backpackers? Dusty roads? Where is this Pattaya Qatar Airways speak of?

A few more clues might help…

pattaya hightlights

The “real” Thailand?

Well, the “real” Thailand according to American movies that make the place out to be one big brothel maybe and the only ancient way of life that springs to mind in Pattaya is the world’s oldest profession which if intended, this was really clever copy.

But I doubt that to be the case. No, what we have here is fluff written by someone with a serious hangover in an office thousands of miles away who hasn’t got a bloody clue.

For a company that likes to boast about numbers, perhaps HR should stick a couple of zeros on the end of their copywriters cheque so they aren’t paying peanuts to monkeys to write this drivel.

In the meantime, the big wigs at the Tourism Department can sit back and dream this is how it really is down there in Sin City but I imagine those dreams will be short lived and the blurb on will be in for an update, sooner rather than later.

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