Randy Russian Tourists Only ‘Dirty Dancing’ In Back Of Tuk Tuk

Russian Tourists tuk tuk no sex

Two randy Russian tourists were cleared of having a romp in the back of a tuk tuk by Phuket police after they were taken in for questioning on Sunday.

The couple were tracked down after a video of them appearing to have sex went viral late Friday night after being uploaded to Facebook by Sornchai Uadsree, who claimed they were indeed getting jiggy with it.

Russian Tourists tuk tuk no sex

Investigators tracked down the driver of the tuk tuk who told them he took the couple from Bangla Road in Patong to their hotel in Karon.

He said they were drunk and dancing around to loud music but insisted there was no penetration, only the woman flashing her tattas.

Russian Tourists tuk tuk no sex

When questioned the women, 21, and her male dancing partner, 33, initially denied any wrongdoing and refused to pay any fine as they couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about.

The camera shy couple were eventually sent on their way after admitting to acts of public indecency, paying a 500 baht fine and apologising for their antics.

Police said such behaviour isn’t acceptable and it tarnishes Thailand’s reputation and tourists visiting Phuket should be respectful of traditions and culture.

Photo Credit: dailynews / manageronline

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