Seoul Secret Issue Apology For Be White To Win Commercial

Published on 8th January 2016 by Stickboy BKK

Racist Thai TV Ad Be White To Win

All day long there’s been uproar on social media with every farrang and their dog jumping on the bashing Thailand bandwagon over a TV commercial for a skin-whitening pill that had the tagline: You just need to be white to win.

It didn’t take long for the Thai-based Journos Of Doom to get in on the act and go full potato over the ad by Seoul Secret Thailand that featured actress Cirin “Cris” Horwang.

Today’s ruckus, that has led to the original video being set to private on YouTube, now has CNN getting in on the act and I’m sure other tabloids from around the world will soon follow suit.

Seoul Secret have since issued the following statement:

Seoul Secret, as the rightful owner of the video clip, would like to apologize for the mistake, and claim full responsibility for this incident. Our company did not have any intention to convey discriminatory or racist messages.

“What we intended to convey was that self-improvement, in terms of personality, appearance, skills, and professionality, is crucial.

“However, we would like to express a heartfelt apology and thank you all for the comments. Currently, we have removed the video clip, related advertisements, and other planned materials to show our responsibility in this incident.

The fact is, you’re not going to change Somchai’s mind about skin color. Their maids and tarts in the karaoke bars are brown-skinned. Their Puying mia luang wives will be fair-skinned, as that’s what’s acceptable in the upper echelons of Thai proper society.

It’s just more of the same. Thais either don’t learn or simply don’t care.

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