Sex Club Billboard Outside Temple Drives Buddhists Batty

Published on 13th January 2016 by Stickboy BKK

Temple Totty Billboard

A large billboard erected on the wall of a temple for a bar offering in-house sexual services has caused a stir down Pattaya way after locals complained it was inappropriate and offensive.

The advertisement for Rioja Gentlemens Club, located off Thepprasit Soi 7 in Jomtien, featuring the silhouette of a scantily clad woman, can be seen outside Wat Boonyaram on Sukhumvit Road.

If the saucy sign being placed on a temple wall wasn’t bad enough, locals are also angered the sign is only meters away from a school too. And rightly so.

Clubs like this are allowed to exist through tolerance. Disrespecting the state religion is a sure fire way to turn tolerance into intolerance.

Local authorities said they have received numerous complaints from those living and working in the area and plan to contact the club regarding the location of the billboard.

Temple Totty Billboard

“Gentlemen’s clubs” are the latest thing to spring up in Pattaya to bring new titilation to the city’s jaded sexpat community. Bored with the carry-on of Soi 6, retirees are now flocking to small clubs, some requiring a bell be rung to enter, that have opened across the residential “Dark Side” of East Pattaya, and in scattered areas downtown.

Inside women with loosely attached clothing and even looser morals are ready to shed their skimpy garb for the price of a lady drink, with additional services available on nearby sofas, in plain view of the entire bar, or behind a curtain.

Locals know all to well what is happening inside the small shophouses and obviously don’t want them tainting the image of their local wat.

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