Silom Road Vendors Aren’t Leaving Just Yet

Published on 1st June 2016 by Stickboy BKK

Silom Road Vendors Arent Leaving Just Yet

In a much expected move, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration announced yesterday they have decided to allow the vendors on Silom Road to remain for at least another two months.

June 1st was the deadline given a few weeks back for the dodgy dealers to pack up and piss off for good but they tossed their pirated DVDs and other counterfeit crap out the pram and took their petted lips all the way to the top, handing in a petition to Big Tdoo himself.

Silom Road Vendors Arent Leaving Just Yet

So the BMA buckled and extended the deadline until August 1st to allow the vendors more time to prepare for the move to two proposed sites.

One in Patpong Road for 90 stallholders and the other on Soi Ratchaprarop 23 that’s big enough for another 1,000 stalls, however, vendors complain these locations aren’t good enough and say they won’t make as much money operating there, not to mention the fact they would also be billed every month for water and electricity that would eat into their profits.

According to the Bangkok Post, a representative of the Silom Rd vendors claims they won’t be moving anywhere and vendors will still be blocking the footpaths and selling their fakes and trinkets after deadline day.

Silom Road Vendors Aren't Leaving Just Yet

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