Skywalk Over Iyerweng’s Mist Will Be Asia’s Longest

Published on 3rd December 2018 by Stickboy BKK

Skywalk Over Iyerweng

Asia’s longest suspension skywalk will allow tourists to walk through the famous “sea of mist” over the Iyerweng lake in the small southern town of Betong.

Officials in the Yala Province burg of 60,000 have been trying to build the lake into a tourist attraction since 2016 to capitalize on their proximity to Malaysia.

Large numbers of Malaysians and Singaporeans have flocked to Betong in recent years to see the clouds of fog over the lake, with both officials and residents working together facilitate their travel and ensure their safety in a province enmeshed in a deadly Muslim insurgency since 2004.

The 50-meter skywalk will extend from the side of the existing Iyerweng tower, which sits on a viewpoint just 100 meters over the lake. At sunrise and sunset the mist will envelop the skywalk, giving tourists a view of the phenomenon they can’t experience from the viewpoint.
The 91-million-baht project already has been approved and the construction contract signed. It is expected to open in 2020.

About 140 kilometres from the city of Yala on Highway 410, Betong is located on a mountain range along the Thai-Malaysian border and connects with the Malaysian states of Perak and Kedah.

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