Soldier Shoots Wife Dead After She Demanded A Divorce

Published on 14th October 2017 by Stickboy BKK

Soldier Shoots Wife Dead

A 40-year-old Thai woman was shot dead in a Makro Superstore in Udon Thani on Friday by her enraged husband after she had demanded a divorce.

Sgt-Major Pichet Chumboonchoo, 41, and his wife Sirinporn Chumboonchoo had been suffering marital issues that ended with him murdering his wife in front of dozens of witnesses.

Thai media report the victim was shot three times in the back and was pronounced dead at a local hospital a short time after the shooting.

The killer was found on the ground at the scene having accidentally shot himself in the chest. The victims seven-year-old niece and a 32-year-old shop assistant were both treated for gunshot wounds after both were hit in the ankle when the gunman lost control of his weapon.

A 9mm pistol, bullets and spent cartridges were taken as evidence by officers investigating the shooting.

Police questioned family members who said Mrs Chumboonchoo had accused her husband of having an affair and left Kanchanaburi for her family home in Udon.

Hoping for a reconciliation, the husband followed only to be told by his wife she wanted a divorce.

He was taken for medical treatment for his injuries and will be remanded in custody when he recovers pending further legal proceedings.

Photo Credit: Anukool Rinmoon

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