Solve Traffic Congestion In Three Months Or Else – What Happened?

Published on 1st March 2016 by Stickboy BKK

traffic congestion Bangkok

Back in late November the acting Metropolitan Police chief Sanit Mahathavorn was given three months to fix Bangkok’s traffic congestion or face possible repercussions if he failed.

The demand was made at the time by police chief Chakthip Chaijinda who said he wanted a 40-50% reduction in gridlock on the capitals roads or the acting Metropolitan Police chief could be sent packing.

Chakthip said, “Let’s wait to see whether he will be able to do this. I am not a power-monger who transfers his men without proper justification. If he is good, he will get my backing. He is working hard but traffic is the main problem to be solved now”.

traffic congestion Bangkok

Well, it is now March 1st and three months have passed, so what will the verdict be?

I think everyone will agree, nothing has improved but will that stop top cops claiming it’s mission accomplished? A bunch of stats flashed up on a screen at a press conference saying congestion has been reduced and the target met? A job well done.

Or will it be a case of that was then, this is now – in other words, forgotten like so many other of these over-the-top ideas?

There’s also the possibility Sanit Mahathavorn was given the impossible task of solving Bangkok’s decades old traffic problem knowing he could never sort it meaning he’d be shown the door.

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