Spurned Scotsman Bleeds To Death After Smashing Up Hua Hin Shop

Published on 6th April 2015 by Stickboy BKK

Iain Mackay hua hin dead

A Scotsman bled to death on Friday after severely injuring himself when he smashed up a Hua Hin shop in a fit of rage over his unfaithful girlfriend.

It has emerged that Iain Mackay, 40, from the Isle Of Lewis, had earlier been embroiled in a heated argument with his girlfriend after he spotted her with another man at a local bar.

Hua Hin police say no crime was committed and that Mr Mackay bled to death after cutting himself when he smashed a large wall mirror in a shop where he’d arranged to meet his girlfriend who didn’t turn up. He later died in hospital.

After news of his death emerged, friends of Mr Mackay commented on social media where he’d shared photos of a woman who was apparently his girlfriend and another white man.

One said: “Iain was obviously upset and referred to the woman who seemed to be his own girlfriend and a mystery man as lovers” – all photos and updates were deleted on Saturday by someone who had access to his Facebook account.

A police spokeswoman from Hua Hin claimed Mr Mackay had died in hospital after the shop mirror incident adding he was angry because his Thai girlfriend had not arrived saying it happened at 3pm Saturday. However, news of hiss death had actually reached relatives on Friday.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office confirmed he died on Friday.

A FCO spokesman said: “We can confirm the death of a British National in Hua Hin, Thailand, on 3 April. We are providing consular assistance to the family at this sad time.”

UPDATED 8th April 2015: Further details surrounding the death of Scotsman Iain Mackay have emerged in the Daily Record newspaper who are reporting the incident didn’t happen in a shop at all but in a bar at 3am. They report that he died after drunkenly kicking a mirror at a bar where his former girlfriend “Patty” worked.

That information comes despite a Hua Hin police spokeswoman saying quite clearly it happened in a shop in the afternoon – I heard a recording of the telephone interview. All things considered, it is likely the spokeswoman got the details wrong and the incident did indeed happen in a bar.

The story published in the Daily Record comes primarily from an interview with the dead mans former girlfriend who says he’d been away for six months instead of his usual two and that on the drive to Hua Hin from picking him up at the airport she told him they needed to talk.

Long story short is she claims he wanted to break it off and after a few days he moved out of her place into a hotel. Now at this point I’m hearing alarm bells when it comes to her side of the story. It would be more likely SHE broke it off after meeting a new fella since her man was gone for so long and this didn’t go down well with the Scotsman. Remembering he has been away for six months, not very likely for him to return to her and suddenly want to split up.

Her also wanting to end the relationship and Mr MacKay being in a rage after seeing her with another man also makes more sense despite Patty saying she was drinking with “friends”. She didn’t elaborate on who the “friends” were.

The Record reporter Mark McGivern obviously got sucked in doing the interview as he went on to quote the girlfriend saying Iain had previously lost control through drink many time because he didn’t “understand” and a few other jibes all based on what the ex said.

A very one sided tale and one I simply don’t believe a word of so far as what the Thai women reportedly said. Even more so as the English quotes were almost perfect. Not bad going for a bar girl.

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